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Embed a chatbot on your website with a single line of code that directs users to resources, guides them through applications, and funnels their requests to the right departments.

Other Chatbots Hallucinate Up To 27% of The Time

That's we designed Await Cortex to put the power of AI back into the hands of humans. With simple approval workflows, dedicated testing environments, and flexible customization, the bot will never tell a user something that get's you into legal trouble or misrepresents your organization.


Users with instant access to information.


Long lasting relationships with your website visitors.


Overall content accessibility for everyone.

Read What the Humans are Saying

Our AI SaaS is trusted to provide answers to 50,000+ users daily because of positive results like these.

"Await Cortex's accuracy, speed, and low cost are why we wanted to implement it on our website. After having it assist visitors for a while now, I can say it works great for SaaS companies, not just highly regulated organizations. The onboarding was great and I would definitely recommend it."

"We needed a chatbot on our website that would always provide correct answers because stakeholders were concerned about legal implications. It was easy to train a bot on our internal documentation, select the answers we wanted, and deploy it on our website."

Build Hallucination Free AI Within Minutes

Test answers in the console, provide context with your knowledge bases, and deploy AI agents on your website or internally.


Knowledge Bases



Highly accurate website agents In minutes with one line of code.


Your organization with response safeguards and approval workflows.


Seamless integration with your design schemes.


The questions visitors are asking and the responses they love.

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