AI is Risky For Regulated Industries

Await Cortex comes with industry specific safeguards out of the box so you never get into trouble.

Negligent Misrepresentation Lawsuits are Very Real

Government, financial, and healthcare organizations have the most to gain and lose from AI chatbots. Await Cortex allows you to deploy ethical AI that prevents litigation and doesn't damage your brand.


Every question users might ask.


Your team to approve them.


Only the best answers.

AI Governance Needs to be Taken Seriously

The best AI chatbots aren't just powered by public data; they are powered by private data. The on-premise version of Await Cortex allows you to deploy AI internally with complete control over its infrastructure.


Compliance with your unique industry standards.


Manage the risks of AI implementation.


The brand reputation you've worked so hard to build.


Your users from misinformation.

Looking to Maintain Complete Control Over AI?

Learn how Await Cortex let's you deploy a chatbot in minutes that will help you, not hurt you.