Crafting the Right Messaging on Your Website is Not Easy

Await Cortex allows you to gain insights into the information visitors are looking for, the resources they can't find, and the pages they visit the most so you can improve your content strategy.

73% of People Get Frusturated by Irrelevant Content

Understanding what your website visitors want to see can be difficult. With Await Cortex you can deploy an AI agent on your website to collect engagement statistics from your visitors to understand where there are gaps in your content.


Critical gaps in your website content.


Resources users gravitate towards.


Your messaging based on usage statistics.

Stop Making Documentation Your Team Never Uses

Create chatbots trained on your wiki, intranet, and files, deploy them internally, and understand the resources your teams actually use to do their job.


Virtually any webpage and use it as context in chatbot responses.

Drag & Drop

Files to quickly ingest new information and provide hyper-specific answers.


Who gets to approve, edit, and delete Q/A combos and create knowledge bases.

Set the Tone

Of your messaging through behavior and output parameters.

Ready to Refine Your Content?

Meet with the team for a custom demo of Await Cortex trained on your website content.