There are 150+ AI Lawsuits in Progress and Counting

Every answer from our chatbots must be validated by a human, making them 100% accurate so you don’t end up like countless other organizations facing lawsuits from AI deployment.


A list of potential Q/A combos.


Answers with simple workflows.


Responses to provide them faster.

"We needed a chatbot on our website that would always provide correct answers because stakeholders were concerned about legal implications. It was easy to train a bot on our internal documentation, select the answers we wanted, and deploy it on our website using Await Cortex."


Linda James | Communications Manager, County Government


Websites using Cortex to improve visitor interaction.


Users getting their Questions answered by Cortex everyday.


Pieces of inaccurate content found with Cortex.

Most Chatbots Don't Work for Regulated Industries

Many highly regulated organizations are concerned to deploy a chatbot on their website because they fear what it may say to users. Our SaaS, Await Cortex, uses safeguards, approval workflows, and a real human team to ensure that the information users receive is accurate, inclusive, and won't leave you legally liable.


Chatbots with your internal or external data.


Team members to approve responses to users.


Agents on your website or internally.

"Await Cortex's accuracy, speed, and low cost are why we wanted to implement it on our website. After having it assist citizens for a while now, I can say it works great for a highly regulated local government. The onboarding was great and I would definitely recommend it."


Jacob Fuller | Website Administrator, Local Government

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