AI Chatbots Can Be Extremely Wrong

Await Cortex chatbots have built in safeguards and simple approval workflows to ensure that the answers provided are 100% accurate, free from harmful language, and immune to prompt injection.

Take the "Artificial" Out of Responses

Generate a list of possible question and answers from your content, assign your team members as approvers, and cache the best answers for use in your AI chatbot.


The tone, behavior, context length, and parameters of responses.


Money on cached answers and provide them faster.


Your team instead of replacing them.

86% of People Hate Poor Communication

Await Cortex simplifies knowledge sharing by allowing your team to quickly deploy a chatbot trained on your wiki, files, or website. They can generate Q/A combos and approve them together to only share information internally and externally that is accurate and useful.


Strict permissions on who can edit, delete, and cache answers.


Organizations to share knowledge bases and segment pending approvals amongst teams.


Out of the box knowledge bases to improve context.

Fine Tune

Responses with streamlined testing workflows and environments.

Want to Deploy Safe AI?

Discover why our SaaS, Await Cortex, is the safest chatbot on the market with a personalized demo.